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Parents Reach Program

Parent and Child
Image by Shane Rounce

"Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care"

-Theodore Roosevelt

Parent Reach Program

Help us reach more families who are looking for an educational program that allows their child to blossom and reach goals for kindergarten or first grade.

Our "Parent Reach Program" is a referral program that allows our members or subscribers the opportunity which could lead to a free month of service. Learners will experience live online sessions, receive age-appropriate learning materials, and much more. 


In every conversion made, you the member or subscriber will receive twenty-five dollars ($25) cashback that will go towards your scheduled tutor session or 10-Month (monthly subscription) program.

How it works is really simple,

1) Sign-Up to receive an affiliate link

2)Your friends, family, or neighbors register their learner with that link.

3) Receive $25.00 



Submit your info below and in message add "Reach".

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 484-841-9091

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