Footwear Casual Boots | UYN Free Flow Tune High Shoes Women black – JZ50708


Brand: UYN
Color: black


Footwear Casual Boots | UYN Free Flow Tune High Shoes Women black JZ50708

Design of the future – worn today. The Free Flow Shoe is constructed with a double layer system: merino inside and a technical perforated knit outside. This construction makes the shoe a natural thermoregulator with great breathability.

U-Control Sole
When running, impact forces act on the body at the first contact with the ground. The U-Control sole absorbs these forces, supported by the EVA material and structure of the entire midsole. While the sole remains flexible, the U-shaped elements made of abrasion-resistant rubber cushion the impact on the ground. Full control with every step.

Merino Wool
Merino wool is known worldwide as high-quality wool and is characterised by its low weight and seductively soft feeling on the skin. UYN optimises these excellent material properties by combining completely natural fibres made of merino wool with the special Fibresist yarn, which has a great ability to absorb moisture. The result is a new material with a pleasantly soft, pilling-free surface and a completely new level of comfort.

Tune Laces
A lacing system to regulate the width for a more snug fit depending on your needs.

Foldable Cuff
The cuff comes from a UYN sock, which always stays in place without feeling restrictive. It can be worn high or folded up depending on personal style, outfit and desired level of protection. The shoe adapts to your character, never the other way around.


  • warm and breathable
  • Merino inside
  • Conflex Yarn
  • Double-layer construction
  • Functional shield
  • Merino insole
  • Tune laces

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EU 37, EU 38, EU 39, EU 40, EU 41, EU 42

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