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Our Mission: 

To provide access and quality education to young learners in a safe environment and to develop confidence and a love for learning within every child.


A pedagogy approach, focusing on hands-on, social and holistic educational experiences. Using multi-sensory and project-based learning for a deeper understanding and engagement for high skill retention.


Progeny Virtual Classroom offers live online group experiences in the fall and in the summer and private tutoring sessions. Utilizing the most cutting-edge modern learning tools and embedding game-based virtual reality resources to enhance the quality and most engaging learning experiences for young learners.

We've Curated safe, respectful inclusive environments for young children to explore and investigate, supporting them to develop cooperative learning skills, tackle challenging problems, develop independence and confidence while developing mastery reading & writing, math, science, and other developmentally appropriate skills.


We operate on Eastern Standard Time

PST 710am 750am 830am 910am 950am 1030am 1110am MST 810am 850am 930am 1010am 1050am 1130am
Keep up with your child's schedule. We are based on EST (Eastern Standard Time)
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