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Online Pre-K
and Kindergarten
Learning Solutions

Setting strong structured learning foundations in the 21st century to prepare for a lifetime of success for all.

Progeny Virtual Classroom offers intentional, guided live learning sessions that include personalized research-evidence-based instructional strategies through our project-based curriculum. Whether your child is homeschooling, needs supplemental activities, or physically attending school, we offer several engaging programs that will help your child's journey through their comprehensive learning milestones from pre-kindergarten to second grade. We believe that children learn through trial & error and imagination during play. This includes well-thought-out hands-on activities that broaden your learner's understanding. While maintaining developmentally age-appropriate live sessions, our private and group multi-sensory tutoring sessions are geared for ages 5-8, and our comprehensive pre-k and kindergarten program is best suited for pre-k and kindergarteners.

Pre-K | Kindergarten

This Project-base Virtual curriculum focus on learning domains such as language, Reading & Writing, math/STEAM, and social & emotional just to name a few.  This 10-month program is flexible with three different monthly subscription plans. The full-time plan is a live 4/four-day class. The part time live class are 3/three days per week (M-W-F). Last, is the mini- live experience that meet 2/twice a week on Tues. & Thurs.

  This program offers:


1 Assessment per Quarter

1 Comprehensive Pod Per Quarter

2, 3 or 4-day Live Experience (your choice)

Self-Study 1-2-3!

Reading Club with Quarterly Reward

Family Engagement Opportunities

End-of-Quarter Progress Report


*Resources available may vary depending on your plan option

This program begins Tues., Sept.6, 2022 - Fri., June 9, 2023


                     Note: You can start and cancel at anytime.

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Tutoring Service

Kids learn to read. Colorful abc phonics flash cards for kindergarten and preschool childr

Although we help with homework and other learning domains (e.g. math) when needed, our core focus is helping learners with their phonics, reading, writing, and comprehension. This Multi-Sensory program is personalized and uses multi-sensory phonics' techniques using Orton-Gillingham approach. We meet the child where they are and build on what they already know, starting with science of reading techniques. This is ideal for bilingual, ELL, and dual-language learners or students who request additional practice in reading, spelling and writing skills. Register for a monthly 50–60minute virtual group session, that takes place every Weds.; book a one-time private 30-minute session or see how you can save with other offers.

This Program Offers:    

  Game-Base Tutoring Experience

   Flexible options to save money

   Homework Help

   After-School Extended Learning

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 Flexibility &

Your child will maintain a routine with flexible plans and convenience.  We have 3 plans to choose from to create and fit you and your child personalize schedule. Your learner can also participate in our online tutoring, from multiple locations making high-quality resources accessible for all.


Curriculum & Assessment

 Our interactive, project-based, and play focus curriculum is curated with some of the things your child may find interesting. Progeny Virtual Classroom curriculum is balanced with aligned standards and the freedom of your childs learning style.  

Your child will discover, assimilate, retain and grow with our hands-on curriculum.

& community

We strive to maintain a growing network of parents, caregivers and teachers. We love showing our appreciation to our new community through insightful engagement & rewarding interactions. We build trust in many ways, one being through our parent-partner collaboration tools that support family involvement. It helps create a true partnership that embraces what you want incorporated into your child's learning, allowing the curriculum to fit your child's learning style. 

Experienced teaching experts

Our program is taught by highly skilled and friendly teachers. Providing a secure, responsive relationship as a safe base that learners can explore and tackle challenging problems. Our staff help develop self-awareness, independence, and confidence.

They hold degree's in or around Early Education & Elementary, with years of experience teaching at physical locations, blended or remote.

Stop WORRying ABOUT...

Your child's health or safety at your child local school

A Routine to help you work from home

Your child being on track and ready for kindergarten, first or second grade

Finding quality resources to help empower your learner

Your child Have half-day programing and being bored at home


Let Us Help 
and create a plan for your learners' success.
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